HardTech Labs® focuses on creating opportunity in the San Diego/Baja California region. We are creating One Ecosystem from Two Cultures™, blending the best of the research and business focus of San Diego with the manufacturing and engineering focus of Baja. Reflecting our region's reputation for hard science and world-class research, scientific validation is at the core of our programs, providing a solid foundation on which to scale and ensuring reliable company valuations.

HardTech Labs Life, our multi-disciplinary applied science funded accelerator, funds biotech/life sciences, hardware and software startups. We focus on health and wellness, lifestyle and agriculture technologies, investing in biotechnology, life sciences, hardware and software in a six-month to one-year program specifically focused on bringing companies to scalability and full scale production as rapidly and efficiently as possible. Our team validates sound, innovative products and concepts in conjunction with researchers from our partner institutions, financing lab work and ensuring viable commercial outcomes. Companies entering the program are funded with the goal of rapidly iterating their functional prototype to a production model to achieve proof of concept and a compressed time to market. We achieve this through top-notch scientific, development and business mentoring, with constant interaction with researchers, production engineers and businesspeople – achieving fast iteration at a lower cost. Companies who succeed at this expedited pace will receive additional investment on graduation to bring their product to full scale production.

HardTech Labs Biotech commercializes validated life science projects, enabling research institutions to bring to market beneficial technology expeditiously and realizing its full commercial potential. We work with top research institutes worldwide, identifying potential commercializable products, incorporating, hiring and guiding the companies and their products to market success. Our focus on short FDA regulatory cycles, products in the health and wellness, beauty, agricultural and lifestyle areas, and rapid company and product development ensures a relatively quick path to market for our partner research institutions.