HardTech Labs™ focuses on creating opportunity in the San Diego/Baja California region by funding startups and managing accelerators in the hardware and biotech industries. We are creating one ecosystem from two cultures, blending the best of the research and business focus of San Diego with the manufacturing and engineering focus of Baja. HardTech Labs™ consists of three units:

HTL Accelerator

HTL Accelerator is a six-month to one-year program specifically focused on bringing hardware companies to full scale production as rapidly and efficiently as possible. Companies entering the program are funded with the goal of rapidly iterating their design prototype to a production model to achieve a compressed time to market . We achieve this through top-notch development and business mentoring, constant interaction with production engineers in Tijuana, Mexico, and fast iteration at a lower cost. Companies who succeed at this expedited pace will receive additional investment on graduation to bring their product to full scale production through our production entity.

HTL Production 

HTL Production is a full-service firm that brings the benefits of Mexican manufacturing to businesses interested in accelerating their time to market, obtaining competitive pricing, and reducing complexities in their supply chain. While we focus on startups, our services can benefit all small and medium-sized hardware companies. We offer services covering the entire operations spectrum from brokering manufacturing deals with production partners to fulfilling a virtual COO role. We can provide your company with a solid production capability no matter how small your team by handling the management of your design, manufacturing and logistics processes.

HTL Biotech

HTL Biotech funds early-stage biotechnology companies and accelerates product development by offering access to premier researchers and facilities through our agreements with world class universities and research institutions. Our team validates sound, innovative products and concepts in conjunction with researchers from our partner institutions, financing lab work and ensuring viable commercial outcomes. Once validated, we invest additional capital and help arrange additional financing from partner firms in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, food, biotechnology and other industries.