HTL Life Accelerator

Our accelerator is unique and highly-differentiated – an extension of the collaborative academic environment with the goal of commercializing research: 

Selected companies reside in a co-working space with integrated hardware prototyping and biotech wet labs ­­– an off-campus working space similar to the open enquiry environment of academia, but focused on developing commercial potential outside the control of the institutional environment. We help develop the business skills that entrepreneurs need to gain traction and expand and connect companies to partner service providers for legal, regulatory, finance, HR and other higher-level corporate functions. Our multi-disciplinary, applied science accelerator gives companies and researchers the support they need to translate research to commercially viable companies.with bespoke co-working/lab spaces;

Recruit companies clustered on specific problems – We fund companies with validated IP, proof of concept or a functional prototype, with clear product/market fit that matches a specific product cluster to promote cross-pollination – integrating hardware, software and biotech solutions. Clustering allows greater insight into problems while providing intensive peer mentoring and collaboration to discover breakthroughs. – ensuring idea cross-pollination;

Source pipeline worldwide from premier research institutes and incubators – Our unique pipeline is founded on relationships with major research institutions and incubators worldwide that, despite developing commercially viable IP and products, lack access to entrepreneurial know-how and ongoing investment funding.

Product Areas

Health, wellness and agriculture

Diagnostics, sensors and data aggregation/analysis
Probiotics, nutraceuticals, therapeutics
Food, nutrition, and animal care