Science-oriented startups need more support than the 3-4 month, pitch deck focused programs of typical accelerators. Instead, HardTech Labs is a startup smelter – an intensive process extracting successful companies (valuable metal) from our extensive pipeline (high quality ore). Rather than using heat and chemicals, we refine companies to their base element via intensive personal involvement over a year-long program.

A Year of Intensive Interaction

Our smelter forges commercially viable companies – bringing teams together from around the world into a collaborative co-working space with integrated hardware prototyping and biotech wet labs. Partners and advisors act as the reductant in perfecting companies’ entrepreneurial and corporate development. Intensive peer mentoring and collaboration lead to additional breakthroughs. – ensuring idea cross-pollination. We have built trust with founders over years of startup mentoring and advisory. 

Global pipeline, refined selection, perfect locale

We select clusters of companies working on similar problems, concentrating our mentoring effort. Our extensive connections to universities, research institutions, accelerators and incubators in Europe, Latin America China and Southeast Asia provide rich ore for selection. Our team has long-term personal connections to companies, institutions, investors and individuals facilitating recruitment of top tier founders and companies and the management of startup investment. Our location in San Diego is an epicenter for life science startups and research.

Product Areas

We fund data collection, aggregation and analysis companies in health and agriculture:

  1. Hardware, software or biotechnology products
  2. Sensors, diagnostics, medical devices
  3. Validated IP, a proven concept, or a functional prototype
  4. A large addressable market for the product.